What is MOBO?

MOBO is modern way to practice orienteering sport. Todays smartphone is 3-in-1 device for orienteer – map, compass and punching device all in one package. Still you need basic orienteering skills to complete courses- maps in phone are standard orienteering maps and for navigation you need to use built-in on-screen compass. There are special signs in controls points with QR code. Punch information will be sent to server where you could see statistics of MOBO users. MOBO application is developed for local permanent orienteering courses, but using this platform, it’s possible to organise outdoor orienteering events for everyone and everywhere.
First MOBO course opened January 1, 2012 in Estonia (Keila).

MOBO courses

Course name CPPunches
1.! MOBO demo rada 1 553
Map location 2.Alutaguse Puhke- ja Spordikeskus 16 595
Map location 3.Antini Kapi 11 27
Map location 4.Aravete 16 470
Map location 5.Åvestadal Skola 21 0
Map location 6.Bosön 19 4
Map location 7.Buckarby 11 35
Map location New map  8.Daugavas muzejs 11 11
Map location 9.Dess Woods Semi-Permanent Course 24 21
Map location 10.Elva (L) Tervise- ja Spordikeskus 15 491
Map location 11.Elva Tervise- ja Spordikeskus 31 1754
Map location New map  12.Espoo Leppävaara 9 4
Map location 13.Espoo Oittaa 11 636
Map location New map  14.Garaio 34 100
Map location 15.Gaujas grīva 19 106
Map location 16.Govic-Jastrebarsko 8 39
Map location 17.Green Field 5 (Minsk) 36 14
Map location 18.Gruvgärdet, Avesta 12 0
Map location 19.Haabneeme Karulaugu terviserada 17 1069
Map location 20.Haanja 18 358
Map location 21.Hampstead Heath 25 611
Map location Popular course  22.Harku terviserajad 16 3235
Map location Popular course  23.Heinola Vierumäki 15 1573
Map location 24.Helsinki Laakso 15 1262
Map location 25.Helsinki Olympiastadion 15 2971
Map location 26.Helsinki Pihlis 15 86
Map location 27.Hjälmstaskolan 11 0
Map location 28.Hørhaven 33 100
Map location 29.Hyvinkää Tapainlinna 15 676
Map location 30.Iisalmi Kangas 21 483
Map location 31.Imatra Hossukka 17 551
Map location 32.Inari Kiilopää 19 112
Map location 33.Jõulumäe püsirada 23 1114
Map location 34.Järve terviserajad 7 1919
Map location 35.Kangasniemi Urheilukeskus 15 161
Map location 36.Karkkila Toivike 15 30
Map location 37.Karksi-Nuia 14 463
Map location 38.Karlbo Skola, Avesta 16 171
Map location 39.Keila Terviserajad 19 2008
Map location 40.Kilingi-Nõmme 23 195
Map location 41.Kitee Hutsi 15 468
Map location 42.Konnevesi Lapunmäki 15 134
Map location 43.Kouvola Känkkärä 15 563
Map location 44.Kouvola Palomäki 15 532
Map location 45.Kubija terviserajad 16 1194
Map location 46.Kõrvemaa püsirada 29 1520
Map location 47.Kääriku terviserajad 21 581
Map location 48.La Roche-Chalais 12 28
Map location 49.Laagri 16 1098
Map location 50.Las Łagiewnicki, Łódź 19 174
Map location 51.Lasek Osobowicki 16 71
Map location Popular course New map  52.Laulasmaa 24 272
Map location 53.Lavia Pururata 15 102
Map location 54.Lohja Kisakallio 13 344
Map location 55.Lohja Liikuntakeskus 15 264
Map location New map  56.Loviisa Polku 30 17
Map location 57.Lutsu talu 21 252
Map location 58.Lüllemäe Hundirada 17 1
Map location 59.Lüllemäe kool 11 1
Map location 60.Lüllemäe külarada 13 462
Map location 61.Lüllemäe Rebaserada 10 3
Map location 62.Lüllemäe Suusamaa 15 1
Map location 63.Malvaste Loodusrada 11 282
Map location 64.Mammaste püsirada 16 490
Map location 65.Mariehamn Badhusberget 15 124
Map location 66.Markusskolan 20 109
Map location 67.Mõedaku 18 198
Map location 68.Mänttä Mäntänvuori 15 1083
Map location 69.Nastola Pajulahti 15 197
Map location 70.Nelijärve 18 211
Map location 71.Nivillac 10 2
Map location 72.Nouailles 13 28
Map location 73.Nõmme spordikeskus 11 3639
Map location 74.Ormstaskolan 11 0
Map location 75.Palivere terviserajad 21 1186
Map location 76.Paralepa 23 1149
Map location 77.Peraküla 12 383
Map location 78.Pirgu terviserajad 21 1034
Map location 79.Pirita Seikluspark 10 1468
Map location 80.Pirita terviserajad 16 2870
Map location 81.Pori Isomäki 15 227
Map location 82.Porvoo Runeberg 8 76
Map location 83.Przełęcz Tąpadła 32 18
Map location 84.Puolanka Honkavaara 15 23
Map location 85.Raeküla 21 846
Map location 86.Riihimäki Riutta 15 644
Map location 87.Rohuneeme 24 1244
Map location 88.Rovaniemi Ounasvaara 15 376
Map location 89.Saarijärvi Summassaari 15 263
Map location 90.Saku terviserajad 16 1315
Map location 91.Salo Urheilupuisto 15 1559
Map location 92.Savonlinna Tanhuvaara 9 336
Map location 93.Skogsbo skola 17 1298
Map location 94.Stadion WAT 16 78
Map location 95.Zhukau Lug 24 0
Map location 96.Tammela Koulukeskus 15 212
Map location 97.Tampere Suolijärvi 15 280
Map location 98.Tartu Raadi 13 628
Map location Popular course  99.Tartu Tähtvere puhkepark 15 2154
Map location 100.Tuusula Kellokoski 2 9 172
Map location 101.Tähtvere mets 11 563
Map location 102.Tärnsjö 16 86
Map location 103.Valgehobusemäe püsirada 21 1114
Map location 104.Valgerand 15 472
Map location 105.Vesanto Koulukeskus 15 45
Map location 106.Williamson Park 33 86
Map location 107.Vooremäe terviserajad 16 1507
Map location 108.Äänekoski Liikuntapuisto 15 418
Map location 109.Ylivieska Liikuntakeskus 15 89
Map locationMap location   Popular coursePopular course   New mapNew map   1818 62119

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MOBO 1-2-3

1First you need to install application into phone. Free MOBO app is available for : Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and Nokia (Symbian) devices.
For Android users: If you have problems with internal QR reader, you may install external app for reading codes, like QuickMark

2Choose course/map name and wait until map is downloaded to the phone. Use build-in compass and map on screen to navigate to the control(s).

3To make a punch - select from the app menu (or press button [Photo]) "Punch" and make picture from QR code. Successful punch will be sent to server for statistics. If you complete course, you may give feedback from course information page in app.

Help and Privacy Policy.

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Help and hints

Punching in control - Best distance between QR code and phone is about 20..50cm. But it depends what QR software you are using and conditions.

Calibrate compass - The compass, installed on Phone device requires calibration after the device is powered up. In addition, these sensors might require periodic recalibration. To calibrate hold the device in front of you and sweep it through a figure 8 pattern.

Demo ControlDemo raja KP How to try MOBO? How to practice without going to forest? Start application and choose "!MOBO DEMO" course, click tree on right and make a "punch" - read this code. It's easy! And now it's time to visit nearest course in park!

Protect your phoneProtect your phone Protect you phone - If you don't have weatherproof phone, keep phone in plastic bag as you protect your paper map. You may read QR even throw bag!

MY MOBO is your personal MOBO page, where You could get more personalised statistics. Using Google or Microsoft Live account, you may bind your different phones into single MOBO account. To see My MOBO page, choose from the application menu My MOBO or visti website mobo.osport.ee/mymobo (first you had to bind MOBO account with Google/Live account from the phone).

MOBO control with NFC stickerMOBO control with NFC sticker Some courses have controls with NFC (NearFieldCommunication:: wiki) tags - small sticker under the control sign with MOBO-NCF logo. Just put your phone near to NFC sticker and the phone will register your visti to the control. NFC controls are marked in control descriptions.
NB! You need Android or Windows Phone 8 device for NFC-punching !

How to add course(s)? If you like idea of MOBO and you will to make permanent orienteering course with MOBO controls, please contact with me: mobo(at)osport.ee.

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